To my Remembrance Page, With Honor and Respect to ALL Veterans,
with Pride--the POW/MIA's.

This page is in honor for all servicemen and women, of all branches, who served in wars to keep our country free. To those who sacrificed their lives to make America the greatest country in the world. If you are a Veteran or on active duty with the U.S. Armed Services, "Welcome". To those of you who served in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, a special Welcome Home and Thanks! Let us never forget those who did not come home.

I have chosen to honor 6 veterans on this site, although 1 of the veterans is not a POW/MIA, he is my husband, William H. Green, who served in Vietman and is the love of my life.

I wore a POW/MIA bracelet for Mark Ruhling until he was returned home. What a pleasure to be able to take his bracelet off knowing he was home again!

A third veteran was never a POW/MIA but killed in action during his tour in Vietnam.

My husband, Bill, has worn a bracelet for Neil Clinton Ward for about 20 years. My second bracelet was worn in honor of Derri Sykes. Earl Dale Jenkins Jr. is the 6th person I honor, he was a classmate of mine. Therefore I entitled this site: POW/MIA and REMEMBRANCES. You will find the links to all their pages below. Please do them the honor of visiting each page. Then I welcome you to sign the guestbook. Thank you for visiting my POW/MIA web site as I honor these men who served our country with pride and honor. NOTE: I have been visiting the sites listed with the web rings I belong to, listed at the bottom of this page. Please visit some of these sites. If you don't come away with a feeling of pride, shed lots of tears, then you weren't paying attention!

William H. Green Page

Thomas John Wilk Page

Mark John Ruhling Page

Neal Clinton Ward Page

Derri Sykes Page

Earl Dale Jenkins Jr. Page

POW/MIA Links & Credits

MIA Song Lyrics/Applet--A Must See!

The Moving Wall Applet

Patriotic Applet

Reflection Applet

Award Pages--Due to page loading--
I have moved all awards here, Thank You!

Operation Iraqi Freedom Page***NEW***

Armed Forces Alumni Page***NEW***

I am honored to share with you another section of my site.  Patriot Park and Flag Monument  "A Building of a Dream", in my home town. I hope you have a few minutes to spare to visit this new section.

169th Engineering Battalion, Charlie Company, Long Binh, Vietnam, 1966-1971

Patriot Guard Riders

Steele Grafix


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