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Earl Dale Jenkins, Jr.

CPL - E4 - Marine Corps - Regular

19 year old Single, Caucasian, Male

Born on Aug 04, 1948


Length of service 2 years,

Serial Number: 2150409---MOS:7141

His tour of duty began on Oct 05, 1967

Casualty was on Nov 16, 1967


Province: Quang Tri



Body was recovered



Panel 30E - - Line 003

"The Vietnam Wall Memorial"

You will remember I stated on the entry page that Dale was a classmate of mine at Georgetown High School. I found a few pictures of him in my yearbooks. I have had contact with a family member, I now have more information and pictures about Dale during his years in the service for our country.

Submitted by: Lou Clauson-- Sister--- 348 Copper Lakes Blvd., Wildwood, MO. 63040 USA

Loving brother. Devoted Marine! Earl Dale Jenkins Jr. was a loving son and brother who was so very proud of his opportunity to serve his country through the Marine Corp. When he joined the Marines he felt so honored to be able to do so. Although he had such a brief time in which to serve before his tragic accident, he did so with great anticipation which was evidenced by his act of volunteering for a mission to drop behind enemy lines to recover strategic equipment. Dale and his buddy died together when their parachutes became entangled during their drop to carry out this volunteer mission. His love for the Marines was demonstrated by his excited comment to me one day: "Today is my birthday." It was not August 4 (his birthday) and when I questioned him, he said "We are _ years old today." It was the anniversary of the founding of the Marine Corp. but to him it was like celebrating his own birthday. Earl Dale was a proud and dedicated Marine who was proud to serve his country! Tuesday, November 14, 2000

The above remembrance was left by Dale's sister at:"The Vietnam Wall Memorial"

Please look at the pictures I have found, Thank you!

Earl Dale Jenkins Jr. Picture Page

Please read Lou's, Dale's sister, tribute to her brother. Thank you, Lou, for being a part of this memorial for Dale. God Bless you.

Lou's tribute for Dale

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